Siskiwit Cabin With Teak Removed

Winter 2011 Project Continues

Siskiwit with First Coat of Awlbrite

Since we are lavishing love and energy on Siskiwit this winter, we made it look even better and sprang for solid teak interior cabin vs a teak veneer. Cabin interior given new teak panels and the ship exterior has been treated with sealer and first coat of two-part Awlbright varnish, with four more coats applied in May. Next visit will shoot final interior and exterior finished cabin sides. Project came out great.

Siskiwit Cabin With Teak Removed Siskiwit Cabin With Teak Removed Preparation To Bookend Teak For Matched Panels Precision At Its Best Precision At Its Best Teak Boards Glued Up Varnish On Main Hatch Varnish On Main Hatch Siskiwit's New Solid Teak Interior New Solid Teak Interior Two Coats of Micro CSC Extra Applied