Skinny Water ICW SM 345

There are some spots on the ICW that offer little tolerance for 6′ draft sailboats. For example, the ICW at Lockwoods Folly Inlet, which was last dredged in January/February 2012. But reports are already showing MLW depths have deteriorated to 4.5 feet in a portion of the marked channel.

Simply, I need mid- to high-tide to pass. Cricket Cove Marina places me within 20 miles of the inlet, leaving 20 miles to Southport, NC. So the problem is high tide on June 3 with an extra 4.5′ occurs occurs at 4:45 PM and sunset is 8:06. Moving at 4 knots, the math doesn’t work.

As a result, currently holding at Osprey Marina while seeking local knowledge reports from charter fishing captains to see what mean low water depths are in Little River Inlet. I have an extensive inventory of charts, but nothing on this inlet. Perhaps an opportunity to sail offshore to Cape Fear?

6/6 UPDATE: Got some intel and have shared it with Cruising News. For details, view: Detailed Report on Little River Inlet, South Carolina, Navigation (near Statute Mile 342) Additional details about Cricket Cove have also been posted.