New Pics from Siskiwit’s New Owner

After 26 years of ownership it’s genuinely thrilling to see the progress in modifications and upgrades Don Brennan, member of the Buccaneer Yacht Club (1928) of Mobile, Al has completed on Siskiwit.

Hurricane Nate

I have no logs for Siskiwit’s first twenty years, but Hurricane Nate was her fifth encounter with a Hurricane since 2003. Her new owner took her up the Dog River which is a river in Mobile County, Alabama. The Dog River watershed drains more than 90 square miles and is about 8 miles long and …

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The Next 20 Years

Beyond thrilled to receive the first photos of new owner Donovan Brennan’s work on Siskiwit. In addition to photos, he advises the 4-107 had a major overhaul; including 1 new piston, new rings, rear seal, cylinder sleeves polished, new injector pump. Galley and head have been reworked with Corean surface. The head was converted from …

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Restoring a 1923 Wianno Sloop

Many boats meet undignified ends, scuttled, wrecked or just abandoned. Some though, are restored to life. In the summer of 1979 I was wandering through the storage field of Essex Isle Marina in Connecticut when I came across a long-abandoned gaff rigged Wianno Senior Knockabout Sloop named Simba.  Built in 1923, at some point she’d …

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