Philip L Rhodes Boat Designs

Philip L. Rhodes (1895-1974) was a prolific, lifetime designer of all types of vessels from small recreational dinghies to large yachts, commercial cargo and military vessels. He designed in power and sail, for construction in wood, metals, and fiberglass. He wrote articles and published his designs in many periodicals, including Yachting, Rudder, Motor Boat, and Motor Boating. He was a 1918 graduate of MIT in naval architecture and marine engineering and during World War I he worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. He later was employed by several firms including the American Shipbuilding Co., Lorain, Ohio, and the Union Shipbuilding Company, Baltimore, Maryland. He was also self-employed in New York City by 1925. In 1934 he joined with Cox & Stevens, Inc., New York City, and in 1947 the firm became Philip L. Rhodes, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Mr. Rhodes was an active designer until his death at age 79.