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The All Time Favorite Anchorage

Remembering departing Thunder Bay, Ontario, the shadow of Sleeping Giant Mountain, headed for “Crown Land” off Sibley Peninsula and one the most beautiful anchorages – Loon Harbor. Surrounded by three islands, Lasher, Spain and Borden and a very narrow channel to the east Loon Harbor has remained at the top of my memory. Imagine being surrounded by high rock bluffs and rich forest on all sides. It’s extremely secluded. In 25 years of cruising Loon Harbor was the most alone our family ever experienced sailing. It was not about being alone in an anchorage. It was the intimacy of the nature. As dinner was being served topside and twilight overtaking the day, suddenly – a single call of a Loon hung there unwavering, till another Loon and then another and another joined and sweetened the calls into a musical phrase of extraordinary delight! Growing up and living in cities, this was a music I’d never heard before or since. It was filled with such longing, unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing the very voice of God. Before we headed off to bed our daughter wondered aloud in the darkened cabin if she would see a bear or a moose come down to the water’s edge. The next morning we woke to three moose thrashing about in the water no more than 150 feet from our stern.

Loon Harbor

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best insurance — and a key to enjoying your boat.

There are a gazillion things that could go wrong aboard and 2014 was devoted to planned maintenance replacement of pumps for the bilge and holding tank, battery charger, hot water heater and propane solenoid and pressure gauge and propane hose. There was a continued effort to address major and minor cosmetic issues, crafting a teak deck repair with a new starboard seat cover, repairing the cockpit refer access top, fashioning a new teak kick plate under the propane stove, and checking out dozens of fittings. Barring the rare superboater who’s a certified mechanic, fiberglass technician and American Boat and Yacht Council-rated electrician rolled into one, most of us can’t find or fix everything and due to heavy consulting between May and mid-October. I was very pleased that Bennett Brothers was able to bring our to do list down to zero.

new starboard teak cockpit seat