Month: June 2013

Hurricane Hugo Reconsidered

In the early part of this week, one could see the impact of Hurricane Hugo, which had a direct hit on Charleston. However, sailors know the worst winds in the Northern hemisphere whirl in a counterclockwise direction. The winds to the north of the eye come off the water, the winds in the south are …

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Skinny Water ICW SM 345

There are some spots on the ICW that offer little tolerance for 6′ draft sailboats. For example, the ICW at Lockwoods Folly Inlet, which was last dredged in January/February 2012. But reports are already showing MLW depths have deteriorated to 4.5 feet in a portion of the marked channel. Simply, I need mid- to high-tide …

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Going slow, slowly going

At one point today, I pulled Siskiwit close to shore to get a photo of an entire turtle family sunning on a log. As I got back underway, a speedboat pulling a youngster slowed down to ask if I was OK. I said, “Just ease around the corner and look at the log close to …

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