Chester River Adventures

Chester River is a lovely run and, last week, I enjoyed it with two friends, young ballet dancers who were experiencing their first mini-cruise. An unfamiliar turn off, however, led to a hysterical moment for all of us.

We discovered a beautiful sand beach and anchored off it around 3pm. The location was noteworthy because sand beaches are not part of the Chesapeake. There were no signs prohibiting landing, and we assumed it was a closed-for-the-season beach club and thought it the perfect place for an afternoon walk.

After rowing in, the three of us set off walking up a road. Eventually, we passed children on a playground. We said “Hello,” but their joyful shouting just stopped and they gave us no response. Further along the road, we passed other adults, none of whom issued a response to our greetings, which I found weird for the Eastern shore of Maryland.

Suddenly, we heard loud voices from a tennis court—voices shouting in RUSSIAN. Oh MY, it turns out we had landed at a retreat for the Russian Embassy!

Had this occurred twenty years ago, it surely would have been an unpleasant moment! In this case, however, we had some laughs, a quick retreat to the dinghy and this story to share.